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No need to sacrifice fashion for comfort. There are many festive flats and kitten heels (pumps with less than 2 inches) on the market to replace those sky-high stilettos that can cause many foot problems including bunions, hammertoeshyperextension, ankle sprainsmid foot fractures, neuromas (benign nerve tumors), and pinched nerves.

And you’d be in good company! Many celebs are turning to flats after suffering foot problems from years of high-heel wear. So if you’re looking for that last minute party pare, go low, and your feet will thank-you for it!

Then, when you're home, pamper your feet by slipping into a pair of cozy slippers with built in support like the ones found on our online store. They even come in leopard! http://www.ourdoctorstore.com/ocfeet/store/item.asp?item_id=796