Heel Pain in Children

By [email protected]eet.com
September 25, 2013

Heed Caution to Kids’ Heel PainBack to school months bring basketball, cheerleading, wrestling and hockey seasons all rolled together. With these school sport seasons in full swing remember your kids should never “play through the pain” in their feet. Left untreated, a nagging heel pain can lead to difficulty in walking that may require complicated therapy or treatment.

We see more young athletes during this season than any other patient. Kids who have growth spurts could have heel pain starting at age eight until around age 13 (girls) and 15 (boys). The source of the pain is usually the growth plate of the heel bone, since it is continually growing with the body. Overuse, repeated pounding, or excessive weight or force on the Achilles tendon can also cause inflammation and pain.

Help your athlete prevent heal pain:

  • Use the correct shoe for the Use the correct shoe for the given sport, since different sports require various levels of support. Have shoes professionally fitted to ensure proper fit and function.

  • Appropriate stretching and warm up for all sports activities should be done to help prevent injury.

  • If your child is overweight, help him or her to shed some pounds. Extra weight puts additional stress on the feet.

  • Limit wearing cleated shoes to the time actually spent on the field. Cleated shoes do not provide adequate support and may cause increased pressure on the feet.

  • Make sure shoes are well-constructed and support the foot adequately.

Most importantly, don’t wait to have your child’s foot or ankle pain examined by our office for an accurate diagnosis and to avoid complications.