Keep Your Dancing Feet Happy!

September 25, 2013
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Keep your dancing feet happy

Don’t Ignore Foot Pain on the Dance Floor

Aerobic dance classes at the gym are all the rage. Whether you’re taking up this new hobby or simply love to hit the dance floor, don’t let foot injuries mess up your groove.
Being “light on your feet” could result in pain as the hours of dancing ensue. Whether you’re doing the twist, the cha-cha slide, a jig or even dancing “Gangnam style,” keep in mind that if it hurts to do the moves, there could be an issue at foot.

What’s the best defense to protect your feet and ankles?

  • Wear appropriate shoes to properly support your feet and ankles
  • Perform dance moves that best fit your skill level, and sit down if you feel pain
If you do suffer a painful injury on the dance floor, it is important to make an appointment with our office as soon as possible. Prompt medical attention by a foot and ankle surgeon can make all the difference in proper rehabilitation. Most dance injuries can be treated with conservative care as long as they are not completely ignored. Don’t disregard foot pain just because you can walk on it; remember it is possible to walk on a seriously injured foot.